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Assessment – Thorough. Precise. Your Critical First Step to Peace of Mind.

  • Evaluates your entire program (privacy policies and digital tools) to expose high-risk gaps in your compliance internally and externally
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the regulations so you can tailor the assessment to your unique eco-system
  • Ensures you have been assessed against all the regulations that impact your organization, not just a few

Internal and External Vendor Reporting

  • Builds in-depth internal and external reports from the data produced by our Assessment module
  • Delivers a complete suite of in-depth and visual reporting functionality including our proprietary risk ranking
  • Serves as an effective and detailed blueprint to strengthening your existing program, policies and privacy tools

Compliance Project Management Module

  • Pre-populates a dynamic and centralized remediation management system with data from the Assessment module
  • Enables you to prioritize, plan, track, collaborate and monitor the progress of all remediation projects enterprise-wide
  • Streamlines your remediation management so you can fix privacy compliance gaps quickly

Customizable Policy Templates

  • Delivers an extensive collection of customizable policy templates written by globally recognized compliance experts
  • Expedites your policy development while reducing costs

Centralized “Smart” Document Storage Module with Integrated Alerts Module

  • Integrates seamlessly with our other modules to capture critical documents and historical records
  • Compatible with your current digital privacy tools and those on the horizon
  • Comes equipped with the latest business search tools (OCR/NLP) so you can quickly cut through thousands of stored documents. Find what you need when you need it.

Auditing and Alert Module

  • Delivers unparalleled monitoring of the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape
  • Triggers alerts when your policies, digital tools, or measures need to be reviewed
  • Makes it far easier to keep your privacy policies, technology and tools up-to-date and compliant

Employee Training Module

  • Rounds out our enterprise-level management system
  • Includes in-depth virtual training modules alongside digital materials, quizzes, and attestations
  • Demonstrates to regulators that your company is taking the necessary steps to be accountable
  • Stores records of employee training and attestations in our centralized storage